COVID-19 Alert

Bowditch Launches COVID-19 Initiative to Counsel, Support and Guide Clients in Uncharted Times

Title IX Final Regulations Explained (Webinar)

Massachusetts Senate Moves to Preserve and Expand Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Requirements for Public and Private Colleges and Universities

Educational Institutions Affiliated with Religious Organizations May Be Liable Under Massachusetts Law For Hiring or Firing Based on Religious Principles

Trump Administration’s Department of Education Contemplating Changes to Enforcement of Title IX as Applied to Sexual Misconduct

Institutions Must Take Note of Recent Changes to CORI Regulations

Ineffective Remedial Measures Expose Institutions to Liability Under Title IX

Online Certification of Necessity for Emotional Support Animals

Response to Discriminatory Conduct is Critical to Avoiding Punitive Damages

Future of 2011 Dear Colleague Letter In Doubt?

Institutions Must Consult The Revised Campus Safety and Security Handbook When Preparing Their Annual Security Report for 2016

Newly Issued Guidance on Campaign-Related Activities for 501(c)(3) Institutions

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