Category: Discrimination

Title IX Final Regulations Explained (Webinar)

Mental health

Transgender College Students Face Higher Rates of Mental Illness

gender and sex discrimination

Court Rejects First Amendment Challenge to University Diversity and Inclusion Policies

Court Rejects Disability Discrimination Claim in Light of Reasonable Accommodation

Accommodating Service Animals on Campus

gender bias, Title IX, sexual misconduct, gender gap

“As a Concept, Pay Equity Seems Simple in Its Application…”


Trump Executive Order Focuses on Campus Free Speech and Student Loans

Court ruling

Post-Trial Arguments Heard in Harvard Admissions Discrimination Case

Paper It: How Documented Decision-Making Can Help an Institution Avoid the Risk of He Said/She Said Litigation

“Regarded As” Theory Sacks University

Race-Conscious Student Selection Policies Continue to Garner Legal Scrutiny

When Race Meets Sex: Can Employment Decisions Regarding Sexual Misconduct Give Rise to Discrimination Claims?

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