Category: Workplace

New FLSA Regulations Increase Number of Workers Eligible for Overtime Pay

Super ‘Subs’? Maybe, Says Federal Appeals Court

Family and Medical Leave Program Draft Regulations Released

When Race Meets Sex: Can Employment Decisions Regarding Sexual Misconduct Give Rise to Discrimination Claims?

gender and sex discrimination

Beyond the Advancement Decision Itself: When Lack of Opportunities and Resources May Constitute Sex Discrimination

Defamation in the #MeToo Era

Worcester Business Journal quotes Bob Young in “Weed & the Workplace”

Higher Education Institutions Join Fortune 500 Companies in Diversity and Inclusion Pledge

Department of Labor Fact Sheet: Higher Education Institutions and Overtime Pay Under the FLSA

New York Fights Workplace Sexual Harassment – Does Massachusetts Stack Up?

Equal pay

Ninth Circuit Rules that Prior Salary is not a “Factor Other than Sex” Under the Equal Pay Act

court, plaintiff, appeals, litigation

Employment Discrimination on Campus – Administrative Restructuring Not Pretext for Discrimination

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