Institutions Must Take Note of Recent Changes to CORI Regulations

Reading Past the Headlines: Computer Programmers Are Still Eligible for H-1B Visas

Ineffective Remedial Measures Expose Institutions to Liability Under Title IX

Federal Court Reaffirms Institution’s Responsibility for Off-Campus Activity Under Title IX

Federal Court Allows FLSA Claim for Salaried Employee to Proceed

Higher Education Associations Respond to USCIS Suspension of H-1B Premium Processing

Online Certification of Necessity for Emotional Support Animals

NLRB General Counsel Issues Memorandum on Rights of Faculty and Students

Leaked Draft Executive Order Calls for More Monitoring of Foreign Students and More Hurdles to Obtain Post-Graduate Jobs

Response to Discriminatory Conduct is Critical to Avoiding Punitive Damages

Ohio Appellate Court Revives College Football Concussion Suit – More to Follow?

Court Allows Retired President to Pursue Claim of Contract for Lifetime Pay and Benefits Against University

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