Student-Athletes: Who is Responsible for the Long-Term Effects of Their Playing Days?

Court Rules that University Does Not Need to Return Loan Proceeds to a Bankruptcy Estate

Department of Labor Fact Sheet: Higher Education Institutions and Overtime Pay Under the FLSA

Deliberate Indifference: Can a School be Liable for Acting When the Victim Requests Inaction?

Mental health

Mental Health and Campus Safety: Do Colleges and Universities Have a Duty to Prevent Student Suicides?

New York Fights Workplace Sexual Harassment – Does Massachusetts Stack Up?


“Ban the Box” Amendment Strengthens Applicant Privacy by Further Restricting Employers’ Ability to Request Criminal History

Equal pay

Ninth Circuit Rules that Prior Salary is not a “Factor Other than Sex” Under the Equal Pay Act


Court Finds Colleges Must Protect Students from Danger


Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and Higher Education

University of Rochester, NY

NY Federal Court Limits Breach of Contract Claims Against Universities for Failing to Follow Internal Termination Policies

National Science Foundation, colleges, universities

National Science Foundation Proposes Sexual Harassment and Assault Reporting Requirements

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