Combating Opioid Abuse in the Workplace: A Proactive Approach For Employers

Now Is The Time To Reevaluate Campus Protest Safety Protocols

Obama’s DOL Fiduciary Rule Fades into the Distance

New NCAA Policy Directed to Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention


Court Refuses to Adopt View That Member of a Protected Class Cannot Discriminate Against Other Members of That Class

Supervisors and Managers Can Use Subordinates as “Comparators” in Workplace Discrimination Cases

Federal Court Upholds Validity of Harvard’s Employee Separation Agreement

Massachusetts Senate Moves to Preserve and Expand Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Requirements for Public and Private Colleges and Universities

Educational Institutions Affiliated with Religious Organizations May Be Liable Under Massachusetts Law For Hiring or Firing Based on Religious Principles

Trump Administration’s Department of Education Contemplating Changes to Enforcement of Title IX as Applied to Sexual Misconduct

Federal Court Denies Bid to Dismiss Hostile Education Environment Claim Where Student Was Unaware of Remedial Measures Taken

DOE Launches New Website for Student Privacy Resources

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