Court Finds Disability Must be Sole Reason for Firing

Federal Court Recognizes Cause of Action Against University Under Title IX For “Student-on-Student” Retaliation

New European Union Privacy Regulations Require Changes in Policies and Operations

Shortsighted Tax Policy: Senate and House Tax Reform Bills Would Increase Burdens on Universities and Students

Anti-Sexual Harassment Training: What Works and What Doesn’t

Current Issues for Higher Education Real Estate Lawyers

Court Finds Computer Use Policy May Violate First Amendment

Retroactive Leniency Not a Reasonable Accommodation Under the ADA

Combating Opioid Abuse in the Workplace: A Proactive Approach For Employers

Now Is The Time To Reevaluate Campus Protest Safety Protocols

Obama’s DOL Fiduciary Rule Fades into the Distance

New NCAA Policy Directed to Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention

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